Ultrasonic Diagnostic Spirometer

Help to provide 2 ultrasonic diagnostic spirometers for the Cystic Fibrosis patients at King's College Hospital.

In Cystic Fibrosis, the airways in the lungs become blocked with sticky mucus and scarred from repeated chest infections which results in a reduction in lung function. We use Spirometers to measure lung function. An acute drop in lung function can mean that someone is developing a chest infection that we would need to treat. We also track peoples lung function over time to see how they are doing longer term.

The spirometers that we currently have at King's are now 5 years old and so we are looking to replace them. We use our spirometers multiple times a day, with out in-patients, out-patients, in clinics and at peoples homes and so they are an essential piece of kit! The Easy On PC Spirometers are easy to use, are portable and, most importantly, are easy to clean in between patients.




Funded by 12 donors

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Adult Cystic Fibrosis Ward at King's College Hospital